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How did I start Manta?

My name is Arletti, designer and creator of the Manta brand, a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of handbags and accessories with the fusion of looms from our culture, leather and other materials, innovating with contemporary designs.

I tell them that I was encouraged to write to them to tell them a little more about my experience in these years of entrepreneurship and how I managed to carry out my project, my dream. What has become my personal life project: MANTA. And in this way motivate other people to start their own business, their project, their dream …

All this time I have had the opportunity to share with several people, mainly women, who are eager to form their own company or business, but who do not dare and leave the idea on the road. I have talked with women with a lot of potential, creativity and talent, but who sometimes think that is not enough: Well let me tell you that they are wrong. If a person is strong and motivated enough, they can achieve their goals from idea to reality.

According to my experience, in this beautiful journey that I have called my personal life project, my dream; I can tell you how we can achieve it:

The first thing is to make up your mind and identify your strengths. What are we good at? What do we like to do? What do we know how to do?

Then: What are we passionate about? Passion for something is very important in a venture, so that they do not see it as something that they “have” to do but rather they do it with pleasure, that they enjoy it and that the hours pass and you continue in your project without feeling the time happen.

Also, we have to see what we would need to make that idea a reality, if we have the means, over time, with enough space, to divide each one of these in order to take note of the needs and that this is not a limitation.

We must assess our strengths and weaknesses and how we could solve them. If the topic is economic there are many alternatives, I always recommend going from less to more, starting from the bottom is a great advantage since it allows them to get to know each area of ​​their business and find immediate solutions. This will help them a lot when they grow up and then they have to direct their staff because we are clear that the greatest goal is to grow, as entrepreneurs, as people, as women.

We must project ourselves. Every day imagine your company as you would like it to be, do not be shy, do not measure yourself, in dreams there are no limits, so think, write, draw … everything is valid!

What do you think if you join me in this new adventure that I am starting?

If you need advice, guidance in any area of ​​your business, if you have an idea of ​​what you would like to do, just write to me, I will happily support you.

Are you single or married? With children or without children? Do you have full ideas and want to get ahead? Well toooodas can start your project, there are no limitations!

I am also a 100% mother, wife and housewife seriously. While the washing machine is on, I’m sending quotes, the rice cooker on, and tending to my two pets … Who hasn’t been through all this? I fully identify myself.

In this new stage I want to accompany you to undertake. Share with you everything I have been learning along the way: How to organize yourself, see priorities, times, so that you do not neglect your home and rather take advantage of it. Imagine how nice it is to work without neglecting the boys, while still supporting them in their tasks! I know it is not easy, but we do not want to try …

Let's start our plan and see what awaits us… you will be amazed!
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Photo credit: Perú21